The century-old city of Coimbra takes us across historical periods as we walk along the old city wall and discover all the sites built during these periods. In the old streets, visitors are amazed by the memories of these unique spaces while they admire the greatness of Roman culture in the cryptoporticos (passageways) of Civitas Aeminium.


The history of Figueira da Foz, located on the coastline, has a very long history, as shown by the fifty or so dinosaur footprints in Cabo Mondego! From the top of the impressive Boa Viagem Mountain, we can see the remarkable geometry of the Mondego Estuary saltpans and how the Buarcos Cove is shaped right to Figueira da Foz.


Towards the hinterlands, discover the Network of the Aldeias do Xisto (shale village) and the historical villages! Take our advice: take your time and enjoy every single moment! The immense Atlantic Coast and the various rivers and streams bordering this sub-region account for the many excellent ocean and river beaches. There is no other place like it for a refreshing swim on hot summer day! Because the landscape, temperatures, the region’s activities and attractions change along the year and proliferate, there are several tours for visitors to enjoy in this sub-region.


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