Host University

University of Coimbra

As a growing foreign students’ epicenter, the University of Coimbra comes as a strong promoter for the event’s fulfillment. Besides the rise of multicultural empathy as part of the incoming process, the outgoing experience lived by hundreds of Portuguese students generate an open mentality and know-how to make the participants of the European Universities Games feel closer to their home country. The mobility should be seen as a motto of peace and cooperation between different societies, united in this event by the common goal of passion and sport.




AAC Academica Students Union

AAC is responsible for the traditional praxis, a reception ritual of the freshmen and freshwomen, for organising the academic festival known as Queima das Fitas (one of the greatest in Europe) and Festa das Latas, and for spreading out Coimbra’s song, Fado, worldwide, thus creating the most heterogeneous student community in the country.

The oldest University in Portugal

and one of the oldest in the world.

Host city
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The city of students is unique in Portugal for all the mysticism which characterises it.

University of Coimbra

UNESCO’s World Heritage.