Historical Villages

The Network of Historical Villages of Portugal consists of 12 villages with a common feature: their cultural authenticity and genuine nature. These villages are steeped in history! Be adventurous and explore each single village!


For more information on the historical village, go to www.aldeiashistoricasdeportugal.com


Praça da República | Belmonte

GPS: 40.358517, -7.349799

T (+351) 275 913 395




Isolated on the southern slopes of Açor Mountain, the historical village of Piódão still preserves the medieval layout of the shale houses built on terraces, along very narrow streets and steps leading to the immaculate whiteness of the Church of Our Lady of Conception in the Main Square.

According to the folk stories, one of the executioners of Inês de Castro took refuge here trying to flee from King Pedro’s wrath.


GPS: 40.358518, -7.349783



Bairrada is, par excellence, recognised as the ideal place for the quality of its gastronomy and wines. Brimming with historical-cultural attractions, it also has a diversified landscape, unique sites, vineyards, mountains and thermal spas. It is bounded to the south by the Mondego River, to the north by the Vouga River, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west by the Buçaco and Caramulo mountains.


Buçaco National Forest

Explore this forest and its history. A safe haven of monks and kings, the Buçaco National Forest charms its visitors with its greenery and variety of botanical species. The mountains are a living repository of the battles fought by the Anglo-Portuguese troops led by Wellington against the French.


King Carlos’s hunting lodge, in a revivalist style, has been transformed into a Palace Hotel and is one of the features in the landscape.


A veil of mystery covers the Buçaco National Forest, protected by its rare and primitive vegetation. Its 11 visitor reception centres invite visitors to explore this natural and cultural heritage in a mesmerising travel in time. Travel deep into the forest to see the 80 amazing bird species, take the trail across the Fern Valley and freshen up in one of the many water fountains along the way. Choose one of the many walking trails that lead to the highest spot in the forest still untouched by Man.


GPS: 40.376328, -8.365209


Other local heritage worth visiting


The Stations of the Cross

The first chapels were built in 1694 by order of Bishop Count D. João de Melo. Initially, the scenes were represented in painting, but they were replaced in the 18th century by clay statues. The current scenes of Christ’s Passion, in life-size terracotta figures with a unique artistic and emotional essence were sculptured by Costa Mota (Sobrinho) in 1938. They are grouped into 20 chapels topped by a stone, each one describing the corresponding Station.


GPS: 40.376328, -8.365209 (Station One – Pontius Pilate)


Church of Santa Cruz do Buçaco (Convent of the Discalced Carmelites – Barefoot Carmelites)

Sacred art and the life of monks who lived their life in prayer and contemplation.


GPS: 40.376328, -8.365209

Opening Hours:

Summer: 9am-1pm | 2pm-7pm

Winter: 9am-1pm | 2pm-5pm


More information:


Mata do Buçaco Foundation


GPS: 40.376411, -8.365609

T (+351) 231 937 000/5

... | www.fmb.pt

Ticket Office Hours Winter: 8.30am-5pm

Ticket Office Hours Summer: 8.30am-8pm

Shop Opening Hours:

Summer: 9am-1pm | 2pm-7pm

Winter: 9am-1pm | 2pm-5pm


Buçaco Military Museum

A retrospective review of the Battle of Buçaco shows how the armies fought in the early 19th century.


Lamas do Encarnadouro - Buçaco

GPS: 40.382765, -8.363263

T (+351) 231 939 310


Opening Hours:

Tue to Sun: 10am-12.30pm | 2pm-5pm

Closed: Mon, 1 Jan, Easter Sunday, 1 May and 25 Dec


The Thermal Spa

At the Luso Thermal Spa (Termas de Luso), people’s health is something that is to be preserved and taken care of carefully, through a drip system or resting, but always customised to each user. The differentiating facilities of the Malo Clinic Termas Luso allow patients/users to regain the perfect balance between body, soul and mind. The project for the reclassification of this historical thermal spa was done in such a way so as to bring together the various services that provide a truly unique experience: thermalism, thermal spa (Esthetics and Acqua) and a medical centre (health rehabilitation and cardiac rehabilitation).


Therapeutic indications

  • Kidney-urinary organs (kidney stones and kidney failure)
  • high blood pressure, respiratory diseases
  • metabolic diseases
  • rheumatism and musculoskeletal disorders
  • including rehabilitation programmes
  • corrective physiotherapy and fitness
  • and skin conditions.


Water characteristics

  • Silicate sodium chlorinated
  • Hyposaline
  • pH 5.6
  • Total minerals: 47 mg/l
  • Source temperature: 27 oC


MALO CLINIC TERMAS LUSO – Thermal & Medical Spa

Rua Álvaro Castelões | Luso

GPS: 40.384944, -8.378252

T (+351) 231 937 910

... | www.termasdeluso.pt


Bairrada Wines

The fresh, humid and strong climate together with the strong sea influence provide the perfect conditions for the production of sparkling wines, so popular in Portugal. The wines have been produced in this region since 1890 through traditional methods. They are extremely sophisticated and elegant and have won many awards in recent years, giving credit to their quality. But Bairrada is not known only for its sparkling wines! The region also produces very balanced red wines, fresh and persistent white wines, and fruity rosés.


Wine tastings/ winery visits:

  • Adega de Cantanhede (Cantanhede) | T (351) 231 419 540 | GPS: 40.358447, -8.596473
  • Quinta de Baixo - Vinhos da Bairrada, Lda (Cordinhã - Cantanhede) | T (351) 231 423 180| GPS: 40.336794, -8.538004
  • Kompassus (Cordinhã - Cantanhede) | T (351) 231 429 264 | GPS: 40.355556, -8.549167
  • Adega Rama (Casal Comba - Mealhada) | T (351) 239 914 278 | GPS: 40.319444, -8.452500
  • Caves Messias (Mealhada) | T (351) 231 200 970 | GPS: 40.376111, -8.447500


Bairrada Gastronomy

One of the 7 Wonders of Gastronomy is Leitão da Bairrada (Bairrada suckling-pig)! The Mealhada municipality is famous for this dish and its by-products, such as cabidela de leitão (made with pork innards, cooked in wine and pork’s blood, pork bean stew, pork liver steaks, pan-baked bread made with pork meat, and also three other specialties: water, bread and wine!

Other special regional dishes include Chanfana da Bairrada (pork or goat’s meat simmered in red wine); Cadima lupine (a very popular treat) and the Ançã Cake, from the municipality of Cantanhede.

As far as sweets go, we note the Caramujos (egg sweets) and Cavacas (glazed popover pastry) from the town of Luso, and also Barrigas de Freira (sugar, egg, butter and bread pastry), Aletria (vermicelli sweet pudding) and Arroz Doce (sweet rice pudding).


For more information:

Associação Rota da Bairrada

Largo da Estação da Curia

Edifício da Estação

T (+351) 231 503 105

... | www.rotadabairrada.pt


Associação Maravilhas da Mealhada

Parque da Cidade

Av. Fonte Nova | Mealhada

GPS: 40.383227, -8.446986

T (+351) 231 281 372

... | www.cm-mealhada.pt

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