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Official arrival and departure points for participants

  • Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (Oporto) 
  • Coimbra Bus Terminal (Rede Expressos Coimbra)
  • Coimbra Train Station (Coimbra-B)


Arriving and departing to and from Coimbra

Transport from/to other arrival/departure points that are not listed above will not be organized and covered by EUG organization.


From Oporto to Coimbra and Coimbra to Oporto

Transport from/to Oporto Airport to/from the place of accommodation in Coimbra, on the official dates of arrivals and departures of each sport, will be organized and covered by EUG organization, bearing in mind the time of your arrival, submitted in the travel plans. This transport will be by bus from the airport to the Accreditation Center of EUG 2018 in Coimbra.


In the airport, you will have a welcome desk with volunteers at the event prepared to answer all your questions, help you get your transportation and meet other needs.


If you are travelling by train to Coimbra (from any other point of Portugal) you can benefit from 30% off on your trip. See below the terms to have this discount*.



All information on how to get from Lisbon to Coimbra here.



First step in Coimbra

If you are arriving at one of the stations in Coimbra (bus terminal and train station), you will also get transportation to the Accreditation Center of the event. In those stations, you will have a welcome desk with volunteers prepared to answer all your questions, help you get your transportation and meet other needs.


From every city you might be coming, particularly if you are using a private way of transport, when you arrive in Coimbra you should get to our Accreditation Center, at Escola Básica 2/3 Poeta Manuel da Silva Gaio, Rua Luís Antonio Verney, Coimbra. In this location, besides all the information exchange, you will be given the credential that allows you to get to the sports venues, catering points and transportation vehicles.


If your method of transportation (aeroplane, bus, train, private) gets you on one of the official arrival and departure points in late hours when the Accreditation Center is closed, you will be given a temporary credential to get inside your accommodation, since you will be taken directly there.



Transportation during the EUG 2018 Coimbra

The EUG 2018 Organizing Committee Transportation Department will provide effective and timely transportation services to all accredited participants covering all key locations including accommodation, catering, EUG training and competition venues, VIP Hotel and other locations of the event.


All students and volunteers have accommodation and catering within a radius of 3 kilometres from the Main Sports Hub/sports venues.


Detailed transport timetable and lines will be displayed in Info Points, in EUG 2018 Technical Handbook of each sport, at the entrances of each accommodation, at every bus stop and at the competition/training venues, as well as at the EUG 2018 official webpage ( and mobile application. Information will be regularly updated in case of any changes in the program. Our staff and volunteers will be at disposal in case of any questions regarding transportation at each location zones and venues load and drop-off zones.


All the transportation inside the city will be divided by sports, accommodation, catering and competition locations, as well as the frequency needed according to the timetable of the whole competition.



Additional Information

For the EUG 2018 Organizing Committee Transportation Department to give you the best possible transportation service, we recommend and ask for the travel plans to be submitted as soon as possible, including all the information correctly inserted and entirely filled.


Concerning the ceremonies, such as the opening and closing one, the transportations will be specific to those events and respect the number of people that need to be at those locations.


There will be adapted transportation for participants with disabilities. Also, there will be designated vehicles for referees and VIP’s at the event. The athletes, officials and volunteers will use the same methods of transportation provided by the Organizing Committee. EUSA Family, SCAC and Technical Delegates will be transported by car at disposal with a designated driver.


If you require further information or clarifications on some of the details of the transportation written above, you can email us at We highlight that you will have more detailed information in the Technical Handbook of your sport.




*- The proof that you are entitled to the discount is shown at the time you buy the train ticket and on board to the ticket inspector, upon presenting the proof of participation in the European Universities Games;

- Failing to present the ticket in our sales points or on board entails the payment of the full price difference;

- The change of dates implies that the customer pays the full ticket difference;

- These tickets cannot be used together with any other discounts or special offers;

- It is only possible to revalidate the ticket for the period during which the discount is valid, in accordance with the regulations;

-  The tickets can be refunded under the conditions in force in CP;

- This special offer will be valid between the 11th and 30th of July 2018 for participants and between the 7th and 30th of July for volunteers.

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