1.1         Athletes & Officials


The Organizing Committee will offer an easy and comfortable experience, to all participants, during their stay in Coimbra, for the European Universities Games 2018.

We will provide several accommodation units, all in Coimbra, to ensure a pleasant stay for all participants and a level of involvement with the city. Participants will be placed in double, triple or quadruple rooms, all approved by EUSA. All sports facilities can be reached from a shuttle service.

The distribution of the teams in the different accommodation units will be decided according to their registration, distribution of rooms and safety concerns.

The OC only provides accommodation for the officials competition dates.


All accommodations are fully secured. Only residents with valid accreditation cards will have access to the Accommodations.


1.1.2      Check-In


Check-in formalities will be completed at the Main Accreditation Centre.

During the check-in, Team Official will receive all information about the accommodation House Rules & Code of Conduct and Damage Recovery Policy, the assigned rooms OC and will sign the documents. Team Official will receive all keys after completion above-mentioned procedure.

Any damages found in the rooms after the arrival and accommodation of the delegation can be reported at the OC Services Centre next day before 12:00. The problems will be written down in a protocol.


1.1.3      Check-Out


The checkout inspection will be agreed with Team Official according to the departure details provided.

On the day of departure, the Team Official will inspect and check all the rooms (Check-out Inventory & Inspection) with a designated person from the OC. Room keys should be returned during the checkout procedure. The condition of the rooms including any damages found will be listed in a handover protocol and signed.


1.1.4      Lost keys


Please note that in case of Key Loss, legally entitled person should report on loss in Accommodation reception. After filling out all necessary documentation OC will distribute new keys. Special charge of 10 Euros will be imposed on each lost key.


1.1.5      General Policies


The general House Rules upon arrival at the accommodation, will apply and must be respected. All participants are asked to read and adhere to the rules and obligations. Every Team Official must sign a document stating that the delegation members have been instructed as far as the regulations are concerned.

In general the following code of conduct will apply to all residents:

  • Quiet hours in the Accommodation are from 23:00 to 06:00 in order to give residents a period of undisturbed rest.
  • The Team Official is obliged to report any damage, faults or loss of keys immediately at the Accommodation reception.


The following regulations must be obeyed in all the buildings of the accommodation:

  • The Accommodation is a non-smoking and alcohol free area;
  • There is a strict non-smoking policy inside the buildings;
  • Windows and water taps must be kept shut and electric appliances switched off when leaving the room;
  • Preparation of food (e.g. cooking) is not allowed in Accommodation bedrooms or other common areas;
  • In the Accommodation is prohibited political, racialist, sexual or religious items propaganda/distribution;
  • Items which could be used for acts of crime, or items considered a risk to the safety of the event are prohibited;
  • Pyrotechnic devices, fireworks must not be taken inside; there must be no manipulation with an open flame;
  • All washing and ironing must be done in the laundry;
  • It is prohibited to throw any objects out of the windows.


1.1.6      Services




Team Officials will receive keys for each room, based on the overall allocation predefined by the OC; the rooms can be allocated according to Team Officials indication. Room furnishing includes the respective number of beds per room with bed linen and pillow, bedside tables, bedside lamps, wardrobe, coat hangers, waste bins, chairs and a small desk/table. Bathrooms are equipped with a shower, toilet, basin, mirror, toilet brush and socket (European standard).


House Keeping Services


During EUG 2018, there will be a daily housekeeping service to maintain accommodation building clean and functional; daily collection of waste disposal; respect of hygiene standards.


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