The European Universities Games is a multisport event involving athletes from universities of Europe, held every two years, since 2012, in different European Universities cities. This event is organized under the umbrella of the European University Sports Associations and Coimbra was selected to host the edition of 2018 between 13rd and 29th of July.


The goals of the European Universities Games 2018 are:

  • to encourage university sport, by increasing the number of students and other members of the academic community involved in the practice of sport;
  • to raise awareness to the importance of sport and physical activity as motors of healthy living;
  • to promote the values inherent to sport practice, such as fair play, unit, tolerance, social inclusion, equal opportunities and accesses, teamwork and value of practice, These ’values‘ are not goals or forms of behavior, but a search for meaning; they offer frameworks to be built so as to organize social attitudes and raise the level of investment of each in public life;
  • promoting friendly competition through multi-sport events;
  • facilitating friendship and companionship between students and universities;
  • promote enriching and innovative experiences for students during their academic and educational period;
  • linking the sports competitions to educational programs.


Verbal Identity

When we make the difference in someone’s life, we can a make the difference in the world.
This sentence sums up the concept of these games.


For all the universe of young Europeans that will be in touch with the EUG, the dream of a balanced future also involves sport, where confrontation, limits, goals, identity and respect are not empty words and are materialized in a continuous, organized, ambitious and high level activity.


To go beyond sports is our purpose, organizing a premium event that can touch people for life and leave a legacy that lasts for years.


EUG History

The first edition of the European Universities Games took place in Cordoba, Spain in 2012; the second edition in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 2014, the third in Zagreb and Rijeka, Croatia in 2016 and the fourth edition will be held in Coimbra, Portugal in 2018. In 2012, 10 sports were featured, with 2574 participants forming 252 teams representing 154 universities from 32 countries. In 2014, 2828 participants in 12 sports formed 269 teams, representing 174 universities from 34 countries. At the last edition, the number of participants almost doubled the first one, recording 5410 participants who formed a record 855 teams from 388 universities from 40 countries, taking part in 21 sports.


Cordoba 2012
Rotterdam 2014
Zagreb 2016


The next edition will be held in Coimbra


When we make the difference in

someone’s life, we can a make the

difference in the world. 

Host city
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