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As you fly over the city of Coimbra, coming from another country, the urban image that takes shape on the authentic Portuguese pavement(calçada portuguesa), that same calçada of the Agora, where the university community lives, brings to mind a mandala.


The eight rings that intertwine in the transformation of excellence of communication trace an endless path of citizenship. Before long they summon the movement of Life with purposes in Sport, here in a vital dialogue with the integrating, and multiple, symbol of the atmosphere of the Olympics.


Universal Reason. But multidisciplinary, too, in the way of the eight Colleges that the university of the Coimbra Place inscribes meaning, there unveiling multiple teachings to the Being under construction. The mandala is an icon of Universality. “Circle” in Sanskrit, it is a symbolic image of the world that is settled in a common centre. An aesthetic and visual exhibition of the return to unity. The mandala is found to be an inner shelter in which a reunion with the transcendence of itself is allowed, in various levels of contemplation with art, and no less, an instrument of meditation. Present therein for the free union with the other. The meeting that Sport in its sound vitality conveys place and condition. But this Brand Image further acquires the self-respect of being in a space that engenders Culture and an unrelenting quest for Knowledge – Coimbra, city of the orange trees of the Mondego, this citrine – chromatic Symbol – soliciting Environmental Health, but also of the Body. Health of the Body, and then of the Mind.


A face is thus chosen for the finest reasons of History and its memories, filled with an energetic and consequent Identity – the one formerly drawn in rose windows, windows of light dwelling in the Heritage of the City Heritage where they strive to absorb the noble purposes of the various territorialities of learning. In everything summoning the awareness that University Sport is an Identity reason that is Distinctive of Culture. Of this solemn navigation. In a convulsed mandala. Without end.


EUG2018 Brand Identity



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The city of students is unique in Portugal for all the mysticism which characterises it.

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