Science at EUG2018

Centre for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (CNC) and the European Project FOIE GRAS, coordinated by CNC, have been working closely with the organizing team of the European University Games 2018 in order to promote exercise practice and healthy living.


As part of this EUG2018-CNC partnership, the CNC researchers and the FOIE GRAS ESRs have written a series of chronicles that build upon the benefits of exercise practice on health. 

These chronicles result from the collaboration between the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (CNC) of the University of Coimbra, the European Advanced Training Network FOIE GRAS (, the Erasmus+ Program and the Academic Sports Federation University (FADU) in the scope of the European University Games Coimbra 2018.


These illustrated chronicles will be published in Portuguese at the local newspaper Diário de Coimbra and you can read here the English version on our website. 


The FOIE GRAS coordinator, Paulo Oliveira wrote the preface chronicle as an introduction to the series. Know more about the project here or here.


 The Inner Beauty of Being Active




The (good) residents from within and how to keep them happy

If we were asked in what way does exercise affect our body, most of us would immediately picture the muscles, and how the arms and legs of athletes and gym lovers look bulky, toned..
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Not to move because it hurts, or moving not to hurt?

As we age, we progressively lose mobility. We need more effort to move our joints and the movements that we are able to perform are less wide. With age, some people actually feel..
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Exercise practice as a natural beneficial therapy for menopause

Throughout our life, the organism is controlled by hormones, natural substances produced by our endocrine system. Amongst the different hormones, we have sex hormones, those that..
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Exercise and the Cardiovascular system: Inseparable in health and disease

It is well known that physical exercise is important for the preservation of a healthy lifestyle and mental well-being throughout life. During exercise practice, the tissues and..
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Exercise Practice and (In)fertility

When considering the good functioning of our organism, the almost universal advice contains two words: Equilibrium and Moderation. All the systems that compose who we are, from the..
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