07. Feb 2018

University scholarships for the best Portuguese athletes in Taipei's Universiade 2017

Jogos Santa Casa (Social Games managing institution in Portugal like Euromillions, etc., and NUSA Portugal Official Sponsor) and the National Universities Sports Association (FADU) gave today University grants for the best Portuguese athletes in Taipei's Universiade 2017.


Each athlete received a one thousand euros grant in a total of nine scholarships attributed. The event took place in Lisbon, in the Sports National Museum and had the presence of the Youth and Sports Secretary of State, João Paulo Rebelo.


All athletes that received this scholarship ended Taipei's Universiade among the top-8 in their sports: athletics, gymnastics, judo, tennis and volleyball.


This is the first time Jogos Santa Casa give scholarships to universities sports athletes, extending the scholarship programme they've been developing for the last four years with Portuguese Olympic and Paralympic athletes. In the scope of this programme, Jogos Santa Casa already gave 170 grants representing more than 500.000 euros.



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