25. Jul 2018

The list of the Judo Champions is complete

Today, judo said it's goodbye from the EUG2018 competition, after making 24 more medal winners. The fights were tight but only the best became medalists of the sport. 


The Georgian Technical University won the award for the Best University competing after winning two gold medals and a bronze one. The Georgians fought hard and well to become the ultimate champions for this edition of Judo. 


Sumy State University, from Ukraine, did quite good also. After the silver and bronze medals won yesterday, at the lighter categories, today they reached the first place of the podium, taking one gold medal with them as well. 


After winning one gold and one silver today, the University School of Physical Education (POL) occupies the third place of ultimate winner's list.


You can check all today's judo results here

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