28. Jul 2018

The Futsal Champions rise

The Futsal finals started the last day of the EUG2018 and both of them were exciting as ever, saving the big decisions for the penalties. 


Lady's went first and after a tight game which ended tied 2-2, The University of Alicante won against the Polytechnical University of Moscow, by 7-6. The Spanish fought hard but in the end got the gold. The bronze medal was awarded to the University Jagiellonian, from Poland. 


The Men's game went by just as exciting for a full arena to watch. The University of Malaga got the best against the University of Minho, taking the gold home with them. The race was close but the penalties went better for the Spanish. The bronze medal was won by the hosts of The University of Coimbra.


You can check all today's futsal results here.

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