28. Jul 2018

The eye of the volunteers - Day 28

Goodbye European Universities Games


It’s officially, today is the day that we say goodbye to the European Universities Games. Yes, it’s true. The final day has arrived.


We are sad that these two weeks have come to an end, but we are very proud of the work that we have done. I give my bigger congratulations for organizing Europe’s largest universities sports event of the year, and the largest multisport event ever organized in Portugal.


Carolina Tabanez, a 21 years old handball athlete, says that the event was a great opportunity to be in contact with other athletes from around Europe with a completely different vision of the sport. “As an athlete, it was a great opportunity to stay close with other realities and see how the bet on sports can bear fruit, something that unfortunately in Coimbra is still not very developed.”


The volunteer Mariana Ramires was a fundamental piece on the volunteer media team. She told me that she loved the experience and that it was a healthy competitive climate which is always good to have around. “I think it was an amazing experience. Seeing the whole city of Coimbra gathered to receive an event as beautiful as this was priceless. Being part of it was priceless!”


From athletes to volunteers, thanks for the time of my life. I know that one day, we will look back and thinking how great and magical it was. Let’s pack our bags and get ready for another adventure.


Thanks for being the best readers.


by Liliana Pedro, Media Volunteer Team EUG2018

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