27. Jul 2018

The eye of the volunteers - Day 27

Basketball makes me feel so small. Getting close to one of the players is what I imagine to be getting close to a giant. Yet, I do it anyway. 


The world is a very big place, it makes me feel small sometimes, I wonder if basketball players feel small too, with all their height. The world can also be a very small place, especially when you put in one place so many different countries and cultures, just like it happens during the EUG. 


Suddenly, is like this huge thing that is Europe, becomes a very small and crowded zone. I ask myself if, in times like this, the players feel overwhelmed with their height. 


Basketball makes me feel very small, but it also makes me question a lot of things about life. Besides, it's a very fun and intense game to watch. I am glad that it is part of the Games.


by Júlia Miranda, Volunteer Media Team EUG2018

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