24. Jul 2018

The eye of the volunteers - Day 24

Interview: Volunteer Beatriz Guerra tells us more about her experience


For today’s chronic, I decided to go out of the box and I put my interviewing skills into action. Beatriz Guerra is a Journalism student and a crucial part of the European Universities Games (EUG) media area. I sat down with her to know more about her experience as a volunteer.


How did you find the EUG? 

Through the internet and some friends that also heard about it.


What took you to decide to become a volunteer?

I saw that there was a media area and since my bachelor degree is in journalism, it made total sense for me to apply.



What are your main tasks these days?

I take photos and videos of the games to be uploaded to the EUG 2018 Instagram story. I'm also supposed to accompany journalist but I haven't encountered many, yet.


What did you like the most during the volunteer program?

Watch some of the games, see some traditions and rituals of different sports and countries.


How did you describe the EUG?

It’s a very big event that brings a different aura to Coimbra.


Which advice do you give to someone who wants to participate in the next editions?

Prepare yourself to have fun and don’t forget to enjoy every minute of it!


By Liliana Pedro, Media Team Volunteer EUG2018

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