22. Jul 2018

The eye of the volunteers - Day 22

Friendship is a part of the European Universities Game DNA


The European Universities Games (EUA) is a multifaceted event that combines sports, fun and friendship. There’s no denying that these past days enhance the bond between players and volunteers. 


Yes, players want to win, they want to make history. But there’s something more than that: they want to make new friends as well. Making connections and establish new friendships is what I’m loving the most at this event. The other day I was observing the games and I concluded that everyone had FairPlay. Players have consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one’s competitors. I must say: Bravo! 


When it comes to the volunteers there’s a mutual aid among them. When someone needs help, everyone tries to give that help. The other day I needed a paracetamol and the girl that was beside me stopped doing what she was doing and went to another venue to get me what I needed. It was a beautiful thing to watch. 


Long live the European Universities Games.


By Liliana Pedro, Media Team Volunteer EUG2018


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