08. Mar 2018

Sports Meeting for People with intelectual disabilities gathered more than 200 people in Coimbra

As part of the EUG2018 Educational Programme, Coimbra's University Stadium Hall 3 hosted the 12th edition of the University of Coimbra Sports Science and Physical Education Faculty Special Movement - Sports Meeting for People with Intelectual Disabilities. 200 people participated, among them 150 disabled people from several institutions from Coimbra region, besides athletes, coaches and volunteers.


The main goal of this event was to allow the participants to experiment sports activities as well as allowing the students from the Faculty to develop skills in organizing and developing sports events for people with special needs, once that are the students who organized this event.



During the morning, the participants experimented several sports and after the lunch offered by the University of Coimbra, all the institutions were invited to present a choreography.


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