23. Jul 2018

Olympic athletes host session at "Casa de Portugal"

The Portuguese Federation for Universities Sports organised a small session where the Portuguese Olympic medalists, Nuno Delgado and Fernando Pimenta, alongside the four times Olympian Susana Feitor gave their testimony about dual careers and what it meant for them to be student/athletes when they started their careers. 


Susana, the chief mission of Taipei 2017, told the public how she's graduating now for Sport's Managment after her career ended because she couldn't focus on both her studies and her athlete life. As she said, she could finish her degree in any period of her life but to be an Olympic athlete was only possible at a young age, so that's why she made that option. She also affirmed that initiatives like the EUG are the real proof that sport is essential for universities and that the student/athletes should be placed as an example for all of the other students.


The Olympic Judo medalist, Nuno Delgado, sees the university sport as the perfect opportunity to gain experience for the Olympic World and a great way to start your career. He also believes that it is up to the universities to turn themselves to the sport and to encourage their students to practice. "To be good at something", he said, "you have to start early and someone who did more than to study at their academic time has more chances to be successful at the work market and their future". 


Fernando Pimenta, who won two gold medals at Kazan Universiade after winning an Olympic medal, spoke about the waste of great talents who give up on their athlete life because of the lack of support on the conciliation of both careers. He stated that is always important to have someone by your side who can advise you correctly and help you go both ways. As he said, athletes have, on their genetic code, things that the other students should have, like routine or discipline, so they should be placed as an example. 


All of them see the EUG as a step closer to the realisation of the importance of dual careers and the supports it should have, as it is a great value to every university and every student. 


The session was at "Casa de Portugal", at the sports complex of the University Stadium and it was broadcasted on Facebook.


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