15. Nov 2017

"Inter-Residências" tournament extends applications deadline

In the scope of EUG's 2018 Educational Programme, the University of Coimbra opened the applications process for the "Inter-Residências" tournament. This is a sports tournament held every year by the UC for students living in students dormitoires in Coimbra.


This initiative was created by the EUG Organizing Committee and is part of the legacy the Games will bring to Coimbra and the students community.


The sports of the "Inter-Residências" tournament are Basketball 3x3, Futsal and Volleyball. The programme also includes a Trivia competition.


The sporting events will take place on some of EUG's 2018 venues.


Firstly open until November 23rd, the applications for students to participate are will only close by the end of the year.

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