18. May 2018

Five Stars @UC Tournament

The University of Coimbra (UC) promoted a three-day futsal tournament from Wednesday until Friday. This event was organized in the scope of the recent five stars attributed to the UC on the QS Rating. The UC is the first Portuguese University to receive such distinction.



The tournament had eight participants, six of them from Portuguese companies, like Santander Bank, the EUG2018 main sponsor. It also included two teams from the universities sports: the University of Coimbra team, with players from the EUG2018 staff included, and the Academic Association of Coimbra (AAC).


The winner of the tournament was Bluepharma. The final of the tournament preceded by the Five Stars Certificate delivery to the UC which happened on Coimbra University Stadium Hall 1.


This tournament is part of the EUG2018 activities program and took place in São Silvestre School Hall (group phase) and Coimbra University Stadium Halls 1 and 3 (semi-finals and final), both are venues of the EUG2018.


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