22. Jul 2018

EUG's Workshops

The European Universities Games focuses on the competition but the educational part has a major importance for the organisation, athletes and all the participants. 


The social HUB, at the University Stadium, will host two workshops based on the important issues of sport beyond the competition itself.


The first session will be about the manipulation in sports competition. Promoted by the Portuguese Olympic Committee, it aims to raise awareness, train and empower sport governing bodies, athletes, referees and officials with effective tools to tackle the threats concerning this matter. They hope to draw the attention of a vast array of participants, through educational and risk prevention programmes since the most basic levels of the sport. It will happen on July 24th, from 2 to 3 pm, at the social HUB of the University Stadium.  


The second workshop is based in anti-doping matters, dwelling on the forbidden substances, Prohibited doping substances and methods in and out of competition, Substances officially not approved, Prohibited Methods and Physical and chemical manipulation. The Anti-Doping Portuguese Authority promotes the session, which will happen on the July 25th, from 2 to 3 pm, on the social HUB.


Both of sessions are free and a great opportunity to know more about the educational matters of the sport. 



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