19. Nov 2017

EUG2018 supports Polybat tournament

EUG 2018 is one of the partners of the Polybat tournament that will take place in one of the EUG's venues, Pavillion 3 of Coimbra's University Stadium, on December 6th the International day of people with disability. This will be a test for EUG's organization because it is a similar sport to para-table tennis, the sport chose by EUSA and EUG Organizing Committee (OC) for the disable sports programme of the European Universities Games 2018.


EUG 2018 will support the organization supplying the tables for the Polybat tournament and through this support, EUG 2018 OC links sports with people with disability, one of the goals stated by the OC when bidding for the EUG 2018 organization.


Polybat is a lateral table tennis sport created in England during the 80's. This sport is aimed at people with muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, vertebro-medullary injuries or cranial trauma.


The event will also include a wheel-chair Handball tournament and a sitting-volleyball tournament also scheduled for December 6th. Applications are open until December 4th through email: ...





This event is organized by the Portuguese Federation of Sports for People with Disabilities and has Jogos Santa Casa as the main sponsor. 

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