23. Jul 2018

EUG2018 promotes diversity and fair play

Diversity and inclusion are daily subjects in contemporary society. Also in sports, where several entities work every day to promote it and to assure male and female athletes, coaches or officers have equal treatment and opportunities in the sports industry.


In the European Universities Games, the organizing committee and EUSA also have this as a foundation of the event, assuring no discrimination based on gender, ethnic origin, cultural background, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, disability or other characteristics - regarding athletes, coaches, officials, referees, medical staff, volunteers or any other categories of people working to make this a unique event.


One of the examples of this subject was the workshop “ENACT – Empowered Nation”, held last Tuesday, 17th July. The event featured a presentation, giving an overview of directing reality in sports organizations and how to work in order to change the current reality, as well as practical workshops and demonstrations.


The EUG2018 is against all behaviours that compromise equality and supports movements such as #Metoo which promotes the fight against any kind of harassment.


Similarly, workshops on clean and fair sport, tackling issues of anti-doping and match-fixing have also been organized on July 18, with additional sessions coming up in the next days.

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