28. Jul 2018

EUG2018 final numbers

Sadly, The European Universities Games 2018 ends today and the city of Coimbra was the perfect place to make memories, to create new champions and to host an experience incredible to all of those who were involved in any way.


We had a total of 4027 participants, where you can include 3293 athletes, from 291 universities. Between them new friendships were made among all the competition, which included 506 teams, gathering 38 different cultures together. 


All these student-athletes were guided by 299 coaches, 73 sub-coaches and represented by 141 delegation chiefs. Their competitions and the justice of the games was dictated by 355 referees, 224 from the organisation and 131 from the teams.  


This type of event was possible without the presence and involvement of 117 members of the organising committee, 249 people from the staff, 184 VIP, 45 EUSA representatives and 672 volunteers, whose love for the games was enough to make them want to be a part of the event. 


The Games were news all around the country because of 159 media members present at the competitions, ready to tell the world who our champions are. 


Our safety was assured by 87 security members and all the health care needed was provided by a medical area composed of 25 people, plus the members of the red cross, and the delegation's paramedics (65 people). 


To all of these, we express our deepest thank you to let them know that none of this would have been possible without their presence. 




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