11. Aug 2017

EUG Coimbra 2018 with half a million euros support from European Comission

The European Universities Games (EUG) Coimbra 2018 that will take place in Portugal in July 2018 will receive a financial support of about half a million euros from the European Comission in the scope of the funding programme erasmus+ for non profit event.


The application to this programme was submited by University of Coimbra last april, in partnership with the Portuguese Universities Sports Federation, the Academic Association of Coimbra and the Municipaly of Coimbra.


The 14-day event will feature trainings and competitions for men and women in 13 sports: Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis and Table Tennis, Handball, Futsal, Football, Basketball 3x3, Judo, Rowing and Rugby 7's and Canoe sprint. This competitive framework involves students from all Europe with equal participation of each gender. At the same time culture and education programs will be held, aiming all participants to be aware of the importance of sports and the development of their education.


This event and its several milestone will provide open opportunity to involve students and the wariness of the importance of health–enhancing physical activity through increased participation in, and equal access to, sport for all.


The aim of this event and its several milestones will be an added value for all participants all over the Europe. For all the universe of young Europeans that will be in touch with the European University Games, the dream of a balance future also involves sport, where confrontation, limits, goals identity and respect are not empty words and are materialized in a continuous, organized, ambitious and high level of activity, promoted, excellency, respected and friendship.


Through this event the Organizing Committee also want to promote inclusion and non-discrimination at a wider level, and more specifically tackle prejudices and obstacles in sport related to gender equality. In this sense, the event will include a disability table tennis competition. Adding a sport competition for the disabled participants will undoubtedly contribute to the visibility, awareness and better understanding of the importance to address the special needs of some target groups and to the implementation of European values of diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination.


To go beyond sports is our purpose, organizing a premium event will inspired people for life that will last for many years. The recognition of the University of Coimbra, Alta and Sofia as World Heritage by the UNESCO for their living traditions, ideas, believes, methodologies and artistic and literary works with a universal exceptional significance, justifies that all this knowledge, people and places should be shared with Europe.


EUG2018 will go beyond this event and in next year’s we’ll be able to take Coimbra’s name to every other European country, placing Coimbra as a reference in this area, being decisive for the growth of the number of participants in European universities as well as the redesign of the universities sports organizations. We believe that our organizational model, involving students in all the step of the event, as well as in all the decisions, contributing to their growth is one of the landmarks of this event, that should be shared with all the others university communities.

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