23. Nov 2017

EUG 2018 Organising Committee is recruiting

EUG's 2018 Organising Committee (OC) is going to reinforce its team when we are less than 10 months away from the start of the event. Nine places are open to give support to key areas of the organisation.


The openings were announced this Wednesday and they will be addressed through public contest. Applications can be made via http://www.uc.pt/emprego during a period of ten work days counting from November 22nd.


The nine openings address support to management in key areas, such as:

  • Non-sport (workshops, conferences, etc.) - 1 opening
  • Sports - 3 openings
  • Volunteers - 1 opening
  • Accommodation - 1 opening
  • Transports - 2 openings
  • IT - 1 opening
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