13. Jul 2018

Educational programme for the EUG 2018

The European Universities Games are mostly focused on the competition and sport’s practice but the project also stands for the values of education and the exercise of both mind and body. So, along with the daily competition, the EUG will provide some educational areas, which will explore the intellectual part of sports.


We’ll begin with the Rector’s Conference, on the July 14th and 15th, where the most important personalities and organizers of the event will speak and give their thoughts on sport’s practice and the EUG. Then, from July 12th to the 29th, the post service will receive a philatelic exhibition on sports, showing the most famous stamps in past editions of the games. The Olympic Mascots exhibition and the Coimbra University Stadium Architecture exhibition will happen on the same days, displaying all mascots of past editions and the beauty of the stadium’s structure and construction.


Between July 16th and 25th, we’ll also have some practical education areas, with two workshops on sustainable development goal’s in sport (16th and 17th) an anti-doping politics (17th and 25th). 


On July 17th, we’ll also have the presence of the ENACT project, designed to support female leaders with leadership skills through sport and volunteering around Europe. A session about the manipulation in sports competitions will also be held on July the 18th and 25th.

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