13. May 2018

Clinic for Basketball 3X3 Referees

EUG2018 promoted a clinic for Basketball 3x3 referees during this weekend with a FIBA trainer, Jasmina Juras. This is the first ever clinic to happen in Portugal in Basketball 3x3 and assures the referees for EUG2018. The event was promoted in association with the Portuguese Basketball Federation and Coimbra's Basketball Association.


The clinic started this Saturday, with the theoretical classes which allowed all 19 participants to know the rules of the game and the judgement criteria in this sport. This Sunday, the practical lesson took place during the local tournament for EUG2018 qualification, where the participants could train their skills in real live competition.



Jasmina Juras, FIBA trainer, did a positive balance of the clinic: "It's a very good initiative because this sport is taking its first steps in Portugal and so is important to ear the good referees. So it was good to learn and they worked hard and show improvement during the competition so they will be very helpful to the success of the competition and can work at a higher level in the future in other sports events."



The tournament qualified the University of Aveiro and the University of Porto for the EUG2018 joining other teams already qualified for the Games.




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