24. Jul 2018

A day full of champions in Judo

Today was the first final's day for judo competition and the Champions of the sport start to appear. 


The University of Balikesin, from Turkey, was the ultimate winner of the day after winning the gold at -63kg and conquering 2 bronze medals in the competition. The University of Orleans (FRA) had a great performance as well by coming to the podium three times, to receive two silver medals and a bronze one. The Spanish, from the University of Valencia, and the Sumy State University (UKR) did the same record, by winning one silver and one bronze. 


One last reference to the current European champion in -48kg, the Portuguese Catarina Costa, who was once again the champion, giving one more gold medal to the host University of Coimbra who leads the medals ranking.


The judo finals continue tomorrow with the heavier categories. 


You can check all today's judo results here



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