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Portugal is the country of the Olympic finalist athletes Fraga and Mendes. In Coimbra, this sport has a very strong connection to the Mondego river that runs through the city, offering the necessary conditions for the organization of an international regatta for over 22 years, leading to the enthusiastic practice of a sport with strong university traditions.


Competition Venue: High Performance Center of Montemor-o-Velho (CAR)




After 50 years of Judo practice in Coimbra, the city hosted the 2nd European University Championships in 2013, a fair prize for a sport practised in many clubs in the city, including AAC which became a national champion having João Neto as its Olympic judoka.


Competition Venue: Coimbra University Stadium




With a regular presence in the world circuit Rugby Sevens is already a booming sport in Portugal. AAC holds the position as one of the strongest competitors in university and absolute national championships, representing a known tradition of rugby as a college/ university sport.


Competition Venue: Coimbra University Stadium Rugby Fields

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